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Software Innovation

Software Innovation can also be seen as product innovation or even technology innovation, however there are certain elements that mitigate treating it with normal innovation management tools.

Software products often are often delivered to the market with incremental improvements or changes. There can be a constant stream of improvements that may be considered to be continuous rather than discrete.

Also due to the intangible nature of software, it is a product that may fall outside the use of many normal innovation techniques.
The threshold for entering the software market is low. Relatively small resources are needed to quickly compete with large and well established companies, thus keeping the large players on their toes.

At the same time emerging software companies need to quickly master innovation skills as being innovative is their true differentiator.

Also with software innovation, users also often play an important role. They are an excellent source of direct feedback more so than for many other products.
CreoTech’s role in software innovation is to engage with clients, and based on their market requirements, be instrumental in coming up with innovative ideas for new software products.