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Research Funding

CreoTech can help you understand the complexity of any National or European funding schemes and help identify the type of research funding that would be best for your development strategy.

We are able to write your grant applications, identify and recruit the best research partners for you and submit your application to the appropriate funding body ensuring the highest quality of submission and removing the stress that comes from trying to understand and comply with the complexities of this type of document.

Importantly, CreoTech’s team can explain to you what it is that the granting agencies expect from you and provide you with qualified assistance during any contract negotiations. We can also assist you during the project, offering project management and consortium management services additionally preparing the proper reporting documents.

Examples of European programmes we work with include:EClogo

  • Framework Programme Collaborative Projects
  • Framework Programme “Research for SMEs” projects
  • Framework Programme “Research for SME Associations” projects
  • Marie Curie Actions
  • Eco-Innovation
  • Eureka Network
  • Eurostars

Examples of Norwegian programmes we work with include:INNOVASJONFORSK Funding

  • Forskerprosjekt (NFR)
  • Innovasjonsprosjekt i næringslivet (NFR)
  • Kompetanseprosjekt for næringslivet (NFR)
  • Prosjektetableringsstøtte (PES; NFR)
  • SkatteFUNN (NFR, Innovasjon Norge)
  • Forsknings- og utviklingskontrakter (IFU/OFU; Innovasjon Norge)

We are able to recommend the best research funding strategy based on your specific needs, prepare the proposals, negotiate contracts and help you to manage the project.