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Proposal Writing

Writing of R&D grants, tenders or commercial contracts could be said to be the art of combining and translating what it is you want from your development or commercial efforts with what the granting agencies, tendering agents or commercial partners expect from applicants .

Successful open end research proposal writing comes with accepting the fact that every source of research funding is highly competitive and that it is no longer acceptable to simply have a great idea. We have an effective process established that works to demonstrate to the reviewer that your idea is worth funding. Through rigorous analysis of competing ideas, solutions that are on the market and socio-economic analysis, we will present all of the benefits that are expected if you were to be supported in your pursuit of successfully developing the idea that you have.

Successful grant proposal writing requires our team to read and analyse the grant prospectus document and any policy documents referenced in it. We have established contacts to many important funding bodies which ensures that we can get access to additional information from these bodies within the necessary timescale.

We then combine our understanding of the written documents with the information obtained during conversations with the funding bodies to ensure that the proposal fits the expectations of all parties involved. It is our responsibility to make sure that the argument is straightforward and sound.

A successful tender proposal will make sure you do more than simply give the buyer what they have asked for. Writing a winning tender proposal is about showing the buyers how your approach would give them support in achieving their policy and stakeholder objectives while demonstrating that you are a cost effective and reliable supplier.