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Innovation Process

At Creotech, what we mean when we say 'Innovation Process' is the creative procedure we use to create a system that will capture a competitive advantage for a company.

CreoTech work closely with companies to produce an original and effective innovation process which we design specifically for individual needs of your business.

We use well-established methodologies with specialist experience to guide our clients through the Innovation Process. Our systematic approach starts with a workshop to understand and analyze the commercial or socio-economic needs for your technology, process, service or product and identify the best way forward according to the “open innovation” concept. It is imperative to understand the identified costs, technology, risks and market entry barriers, and the challenges that need to be overcome to develop new and successful products and processes.

Especially for an up and coming business, it is essential to have identified at an early stage the landscape of the competition, and ensure that the chosen development route will target the right market at the right time.

When the Innovation Process has defined a given target product or a process, we will focus on identifying all essential aspects effecting socioeconomic drivers, technology development and further plans which we can exploit to your benefit.

We can help identify appropriate external funding bodies, draft a project proposal and identify a new supply chain if required, and ensure that when the contract that has been won, that we arrange the best terms for the project.