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Project Management

CreoTech uses the framework of the Project Management Institute (PMI) in it's approach to research project management. Due to nature of the competitive bidding process, we come to a project's initiation phase with a predefined project plan, a draft list of deliverables and milestones, draft risk analysis and a work plan already created. Therefore, by the time we have secured the budget, the definition and planning phases of the project are already prepared.

There can often be a natural delay between the planning phase of a project and it's official start, this is when ptrocesses are reviewed and contracts negotiated, and it is at this point that changes can be made in line with the newly agreed terms.

During the execution phase, we build the project team. Unlike research project management within a single organization, the “open innovation” project management often requires coordination of teams from different organizations sometimes coming from different countries. In the controlling phase, our project managers have the usual tasks of updating the project plan to track its progress and mitigate project risks. However, our project managers often also have the task of being the consortium manager ensuring effective communication with the granting agency (see the “Consortium Management” tab).

During the closure phase, our project managers analyze the final outcome of the project together with the stakeholders which include the granting agency.