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Consortium Management

Consortium management activities are specific for projects that are run on funds granted by various agencies, first and foremost, the European Commission.

CreoTech has a dedicated team of experts who have been involved in managing European Commission projects for the past 15 years. We are able to either provide you with the full consortium management services, or give you necessary advice or training needed to build a consortium management team in-house.

Depending on the nature of the project, consortium management activities may include all of the following. Are you able to allocate sufficient internal resources to run these activities?

  • Collate and submit in timely manner key reporting requirements, such as regular activity reports and annual management reports;
  • Submit deliverable reports;
  • Receive all payments and financial contribution from the granting agency such as EC to the Consortium and administer the Community contribution regarding its allocation between Contractors and activities in accordance with the EC Contract and the Consortium Agreement;
  • Collide and submit the annual financial reports from all partners to the EC in accordance with the EC guidelines;
  • Coordinate Project Review Meetings within the Consortium and with the EC officials;
  • Coordinate updates the project Consortium Agreement and EC Contract;
  • Guide and supervise strategic, political, economic and operational issues regarding the project;
  • Resolve conflicts;
  • Represent the Consortium before the EC