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Innovation Management

CreoTech offers its clients the complete innovation management process, it starts with:

  • The concept development and identification of the most appropriate funding schemes and a clear understanding of what the evaluators are looking for

Followed by:

  • The optimal consortia development and proposal writing stage
  • Contract negotiations and development of Intellectual Property and Consortia Agreements, where applicable


  • We offer project management and consortium management services from the outset
  • Management of dissemination and exploitation activities, including writing dissemination and business plans and drafting the appropriate Exploitation Agreements

Our innovation management process ensures the optimum involvement of our client's internal resources; additional training and guidance may be provided for those organizations who wish to build in-house consortium management expertise.

Finally, our innovation management process ensures that the granting agencies will be satisfied with the reporting and the outcome of the project and that the risk mitigation is evidenced as required by each particular granting agency.