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Service Innovation

Service Innovation is as it sounds; the process of bringing something new to service provision. In addition it may also have technological elements and can be viewed in closely relation to service design and new service development. It may also be innovation in service processes, meaning new or improved ways of designing and producing services and can include innovation in service delivery systems.

It may also be regarded as a service product innovation.
This type of innovation may also be a matter of work organization as well as the management of innovation processes, within service companies.
Service Innovation may also be defined as a new or significantly improved service concept that is put into practice, and may involve new customer interaction channels, distribution systems or a technological concepts or a combination of all of them.

Put basically, all definitions are essentially about how companies can become better within their market and ultimately become better for their clients.

CreoTech’s approach is to work closely with our clients and our associates to enhance their skills so that they improve their offerings, making them more efficient and competitive. Our delivery model is well established and we work interactively with our clients.