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About Us

At CreoTech we are focused on adding value to our customer’s business by making a positive impact on their bottom line.

We go about achieving this by supporting companies with great ideas and helping to develop them into commercially successful products and processes. We also assist in creating quality proposals and bids in order to help win funding for further development or win commercial tenders and bids to increase business.

Our “open innovation” approach and innovation management capability ensures that companies optimize the use of their resources.


Innovation has been defined by some to be the creation of ideas for new products
and services that are able to take firms beyond their competitors reach.


To be successful in bringing innovation in technology,products, software, business or service to the market takes more than just a bright idea and sufficient resources. The best long term results come through introducing innovation management and by developing an innovation culture right through an organization. A successful product innovation is based on recognizing the real market need and recognizing the technology innovations necessary to give a competitive advantage. The real battle these days is about looking for actual added value that provides genuine non-replicable differentiation and allows you to gain a competitive advantage.

Clients often present us with an idea or concept that may involve great innovation, the CreoTech team are quick to focus on identifying the potential need for the innovation across a wide range of sectors and industries including those where our client may have less knowledge or experience. We have a welth of knowledge and experience across many sectors such as agriculture, polymer product manufacturing, health & medical equipment and construction. We also help clients in industrial fields, eg. manufacturing and recycling processes, communications systems, electronics, sensor technologies, control systems and materials engineering.

Other clients come to us with a recognized market need and CreoTech’s team of cross-industrial experts will support them in creating commercially attractive innovative solutions, whether the solutions implies a product innovation, a software innovation, service innovation or a business innovation.

We are here to help clients to achieve the desired development of their business.

The CreoTech team is there to map the way forward through an “open innovation” process that may
also involve developing innovation management processes within the companies.

Our large international network will ensure that the best partners are brought on board where ever the challenges lie. We are also extremely experienced in attracting funding for development activities and introducing suitable partners that can help take innovations to market needed. We adopt a collaborative approach to research; both with industry, academia, trade bodies, professional bodies or other research organizations.

A common challenge for developing both new technology innovations & product innovations and winning tenders and bid competitions, is the need to structure and present the strengths for the new products or concepts. A winning proposal makes obvious the excellence and differentiation between existing products in the market in regards to product quality, accuracy other sensitive parameters. Knowing that only the best proposal will win, our goal is to satisfy our clients by keeping our success rate steadily over 50% for international high value funding.

We hope you will find what you are looking for within this site, and if not please contact us and let us discuss your challenge.